Personify has built a unique approach by unifying Technology with Industry Insights from our team of industry experts. Businesses can now harness the full power of technology to accelerate their business growth using this approach

Transformative Applications

With Personify's unique capability of unifying Technology with Industry expertise, you can now quickly build applications that are relevant to your industry.

Customers using our platform can expect:

  1. Better ROI from their IT investment

  2. Higher adoption rate

  3. Lower Cost of adoption

  4. Minimise failure of IT projects

  5. Faster time to market


New Business Opportunities

With new capabilities unlocked by Personify, businesses can now effectively engage their customers, streamline internal processes, and make timely and accurate decisions using our platform.


Digital Operations

Fine tune digital operations with our Industry Experts. With inputs from our experts, we ensure that businesses are able to maximise the use of technology to grow their business.


What your Business can do

Speed is key to survival. Speed to adapt, change and make decisions, are just things that businesses need on a daily basis. We enable businesses to operate at that speed with optimised technology provided on our platform.

Event Driven Architecture

Database centric applications are being replaced with “event-driven” systems that sense, analyse and take immediate action on events that are occurring in and around your business. Learn what an agile, event driven digital architecture can do to transform your business.

Use Cases

Asset Tracking

Manage the location, status and liabilities of important business assets through IoT sensors and maximize operational awareness.

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