Organizational Change Management

Do these statements sound familiar?

Once I train them, they will know what to do

Change takes place by itself

Our companies run by SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

Change is essential to drive growth. Often, we see our customers taking the same actions and hoping for different result. Without realizing the need to change. Left on its own, things will always remain at status quo.

At Personify, we are not only bridging our customers with our panel of industry experts and the business solutions to help drive their business; we are also providing the change methodology required to ensure that the changes are applied and internalized to effect the change needed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions


is change management necessary

In our context of driving business solutions, yes!


When should I consider Change Management

All the time, as long as you are bringing new ideas and changes to your organization that involves people, you need change management.


What Exactly is Change Management

First let’s define what it is not. It is not a set of training. E.g. sending all the users to google or office 365 course, setting up SOP and process flow etc. are NOT change management.

Change management involves enabling them to work as a team. Understanding why the change is necessary. Managing the change process thru effective communication and lastly being able to measure the success for the change.


Can I do without Change Management

Without change management, many organizations have failed to reap the full benefits of their technological and other process based investments.

In Personify we offer a change management program to be used with our solutions

  1. Understand and delivering on the WHY are we changing?

  2. Build the velocity to change – drumming up the buy-in to the change

  3. Providing the knowledge and ability for change to happen

  4. Tracking the change metrics

  5. Reinforce the idea of change

Data Protection (PDPA/DPO)

Do these statements sound familiar?

Data protection is all about technology

I already have a DPO, but nothing is done

We have a legal team that has drafted out all our legal obligations

Data Privacy & protection is not important and a total waste of time & resources

I am a SME, this is only for bigger companies

Data Protection & Data Privacy, what is that?

If you resonate with any of the above, you need to read on!

Data protection and Data privacy are used interchangeably by many organizations. There is a slight differentiation between the 2. Data privacy which targets personal data, is required by Law in many countries e.g. for Singapore it was enforced on July 2014. Malaysia – November 2013, Philippines – 2012 etc.  and it carries with it legal and business level repercussions should companies violate the law. The law basically requires you to appoint a DPO (Data Protection Officer) and put in place a data flow process that governs the collection, use and storage of personal data.  Data protection is the act of securing data within the company with personal data being one of them.

What does it mean?

As we do business in different countries, we are bound by their law to ensure that we have the necessary process in place to deliver on Data Privacy.

What's in it for you to embark on Data Privacy/Protection?

  • Mitigate your financial and reputation risk

  • Broaden your scope of business engagement

    • Many companies will only collaborate if you have the necessary data protection in place


At Personify, as we build the solution for customers, we are also ensuring that there is good practice build in around data protection and data privacy.


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